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Sustainability at the annual Africa Energy Forum 2022

aef 2023 Kenya - zebrAS in national park with wind turbines

With a large Forum such as the Africa Energy Forum [aef], we at EnergyNet are always looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact and support the local community.

This year we are focusing on the below initiatives:

Organic Food

Organic Food at aef 2022

We have partnered with a specialist organic caterer to provide all the catering for the event. They focus heavily on serving locally sourced, seasonal dishes which are 100% organic, healthy and fair trade. All dishes will be served in reusable or biodegradable containers.


Recycling at aef 2022

During the show we will be providing bin facilities which allow each attendee to separate their rubbish into plastic, cardboard, glass and general waste. All waste throughout the event and during the build and breakdown will be sent to be sorted and recycled.

Net Carbon Features

Net Carbon at aef 2022

We have taken time to invest in our features this year to enhance the look and feel of the exhibition. That being said, alongside our feature contractor, we have taken the decision to invest in carbon offsetting their build to create a net carbon negative environmental impact.

Reduced Printing & Use of Recycled Materials

Reduced Printing at aef 2022

Where possible we have chosen to use recycled material for our banners and signs around the venue. We have also taken the decision not to print a show guide this year and keep all information within our event app online.

Environmentally Conscious Venue

Environmentally Conscious Venue at aef 2022

We have chosen a venue who also have sustainability at the forefront of their thinking. They have developed the buildings across their site to include photovoltaic panels, rainwater harvesting, solar panels, side and roof glazing, geothermal energy, natural ventilation and recycled materials, etc., whilst also making every effort to reduce energy consumption.

Zero Carpet to Landfill

Zero carpet to Landfill at aef 2022

All the carpet for the event will be sent off to facilities to be down-cycled and used in fabric production for new items such as house-slippers!


donation at aef 2022

EnergyNet has partnered with the charity Serve the City in Brussels, who bring together volunteers to offer help and support at homeless shelters, refugee centres, and other associations. We will be donating any leftover merchandise to be used across their many projects.