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YES! Agenda

YES! at aef

21 Jun 2023
  1. The Imperative of Energy

    Visionaries discuss why Africa’s youths have everything ahead of them.
  2. Change doesn’t happen overnight, learn how the YES! digital platform can provide continuous learning and employment opportunities BEYOND Nairobi.
  3. Meet the Hustlers

    Inside the mind of the entrepreneur: What it takes to succeed and why being an entrepreneur is more than just having good ideas.
  4. Straight Talk – Through the Eyes of Students

    How today’s students perceive their future.
  5. Entrepreneurs Workshop

    Consider and problem solve the challenges of being an entrepreneur in the African energy sector in a group of entrepreneurs, investors, and key industry stakeholders.
  6. Straight Talk – Through the eyes of Business

    Understanding the needs of businesses seeking to recruit graduates.
  7. Business Planning

    According to the World Bank, 90% of projects fail to reach financial close because of insufficient business plans – what do investors need to see to trigger more positive decisions?
  8. Apprenticeships

    From welders to software developers, how the learning and development sector is responding to the huge need for practical skills across the energy sector and beyond.
22 Jun 2023
  1. Tomorrows World

    A Futurists perspective into the work place and jobs of tomorrow.

    CEOs & Early Career Professionals Roundtable Discussion – taking time to think beyond today.
  2. Meet the Investors

    How Venture Capital is unlocking Africa’s start-ups.
  3. Setting Yourself Up for Success: A Focus on ECPs in Public Sector
  4. Meet the Investors

    How Venture Capital is unlocking Africa’s start-ups
  5. Understanding the Importance of Data

    Xetova - How Data is changing decision

    Xetovia - Safaricome/Solar - Case Study

  6. Session Hosted by AfIDA: The Catapult
  7. Software & You - Power Learn Project: Training 1,000,000
  8. Closed Door Roundtable  - Development Workshop for Public and Private Sector Early Career Professionals

  9. Session Hosted by AfIDA: The Catapult
23 Jun 2023
  1. Global Advisory Board Meeting with Sub-Committee Chair and Vice Chairs
  2. Educators Sub-Committee Round Table with Corporates
  3. Closed Door - Entrepreneurs Sub-Committee Round Table
  4. Students Sub-Committee Round Table
  5. Closed Door - Early Career Professionals Sub-Committee Round Table